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Football Finance (Read 13,440 times)
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Re: Football Finance
Reply #75 - 19th Nov, 2017 at 5:12pm
It appears that there is more to this story than has been reported.....the local councils involvement, re the relaying of the 4g pitch....is subject to to some speculation.

Merthyrs elected CEO, a paid post, recently resigned. His wage, paid by the club is now available to be transferred into the general fund. Where they go from here is unsure.

A report of yesterday's 13-1 defeat at Chesham and more background information.....https://rovingsheepblog.wordpress.com/2017/11/19/solidarity/

On a related note one of our own players who left the club in pre season departed after being offered 100 a month to re-sign. He was allegedly told that no travelling expenses would be forthcoming either.

As Blueblood has remarked, in the current financial climate, it is not an easy task to balance the books.

Outside of a few clubs, Billericay and Salford notably, who enjoy benefactors investment, most clubs at our level run at a loss.

Could it be that we as a club need to review our current Semi-pro status.

If as has been shown, not recently though I might add, that we have been spending more than 80% of income on wages; then even staying at this level could be a stretch let alone contemplating a possible promotion. 🤔
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Re: Football Finance
Reply #76 - 28th Dec, 2017 at 10:12pm
As somebody who has done it, ie balance the books by donating money to a club, I ask the question -why.

Even if the benefactors ambition is league two, like Fylde and Billericay, the costs and losses just get bigger. How many clubs, outside an elite few in the premiership, make money.

My situation was different. It was 500 for the electric bill, another few hundred for something else that ended up as a substntial sum. I would never have sat down and said league football by 2022 (fylde). I was glad to walk away and have turned down several approaches since. Id rather stick ten grand on a horse.
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